Our name “Madotz” is the transliteration of three Chinese characters, in which, the component “ma” means spicy that is uniquely delicious and desirable.

The component “do” means “sprouting”, a symbol of hope and expectation.

The component “tz” means the “offspring” for generations.

Madotz’s Success reflects its commercial efforts starting from 1999 when the founder Mr. LIN, Ming-hui, who invests times, money and other resources to explore the secrets to success, to learn lessons from repeated failures and to find the opportunities for growths.  He is one of examples for success!  During the course of establishing your business, there is no endpoint - every stop in the course should be a short break for further efforts. The experiences you accumulate along the course will lead you to the success finally.

To own and run your successful business is no longer a dream - your actions will make your dream come true!